Our Offices

  • Deniliquin Customer Centre
  • 443 Charlotte Street
  • (PO Box 528 Deniliquin)
  • Deniliquin NSW 2710
  • Phone: 1300 138 265
  • Fax: 03 5898 3301
  • Opening Hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • Finley Customer Centre
  • Murray Hut Drive
  • (PO Box 528 Deniliquin)
  • Finley NSW 2713
  • Phone: 1300 138 265
  • Fax: 03 5888 3001
  • Opening Hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • Wakool Customer Centre
  • Dampier Street
  • (PO Box 528 Deniliquin)
  • Wakool NSW 2710
  • Phone: 1300 138 265
  • Fax: 03 5887 0501
  • Opening by appointment on 1300 138 265
Customers requiring assistance with Water ordering should contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265. If calling outside of business hours, please leave a message. These messages will be dealt with as soon as possible. Customers can expect phone responses from Murray Irrigation staff up until 8.30pm, where that enquiry requires attention before 6.30am the next day

Emergency Phone Number 1300 657 313

Customer feedback form

Murray Irrigation strives to provide its customers with the highest level of service at all times. If you would like to compliment one of our staff or have a suggestion on how we can improve, we want to know. If we have made a mistake, or our service doesn't meet your expectations, we also want to know. Either way, please take time to detail your comment on the form below.

What happens after a complaint is received?

After receiving a customer complaint, the nominated Murray Irrigation staff member shall:

  • Write to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within seven working days of its receipt;
  • Attempt to resolve the complaint within 20 working days of its receipt;
  • Contact you if necessary to improve their understanding of the complaint and the circumstance that may have led to it;
  • Do anything else necessary to resolve the complaint;

Murray Irrigation shall deal with a complaint in a confidential manner. Customers who lodge complaints should also ensure confidentiality at all times with respect to both verbal discussions and written documentation relating to the complaint.

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