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Murray Irrigation Limited is the largest private irrigation company in Australia, formed as an unlisted public company on 3 March 1995 when the NSW Government privatised its Murray Irrigation area and districts. The company's irrigators are also shareholders and include 1,357 family farm businesses.

Murray Irrigation is licenced to operate by the NSW Government, and has 823,978 general security entitlements to the NSW Murray Regulated River resource (as at 30 June 2017). This represents more than 60 percent of all NSW Murray River general security entitlements.


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The irrigation system in the NSW Murray Valley was developed by the NSW Government between the 1930s and 1960s. It remained under government control and operation until 1995 when it was privatised under the irrigator-owned company Murray Irrigation Limited.

The information presented here www.irrigationhistory.net.au is based on material collated for an exhibition as part of Murray Irrigation's 10th anniversary celebrations in 2005.