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Expressions of interest for the company water offer closed at 1.00pm on Wednesday 2 November 2016.


The Murray Irrigation Board agreed in October 2016 to commercialise a volume 12,000 megalitres (ML) by offering it to shareholders at a fixed price via expressions of interest.

The price was $49 per megalitre, which had been determined based on five days weighted average market trading price (14-20 October 2016), with a discount applied.

Murray Irrigation is seeking to maximise the productive use of water in our region, therefore, as part of the conditional offer, only shareholders of the company were eligible to purchase the water.

The volume available was offered for sale to shareholders through an expression of interest process, which opened at 5.00pm on Monday 24 October 2016 and closed at 1.00pm on Wednesday 2 November 2016.

Shareholders applied for well over the 12GL offered. Murray Irrigation received a large number of applications for a wide range of volumes.

Due to the offer being over-subscribed, Murray Irrigation distributed the available volume (12GL) to ensure equity in line with the principle of shareholder benefit, smoothing the outliers and ensuring all participants received a material volume. Applicants were informed of their awarded volumes on Friday 4 November 2016.


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For full details on Murray Irrigation's company water offer, please view the documents below, or for customers requiring assistance, contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

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For all other enquiries, customers can contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.