Customer information

Murray Irrigation is acutely aware of the importance of providing our customers with timely and relevant information about water and operational issues. We also understand that, primarily as a result of changing government policy, the 'water' issues facing our customers are increasingly complex.

We continue to provide our customers with a range of communication services including Talking Water, the Chairman's report, allocation and off allocation announcements, water updates, media releases and an SMS service.

To subscribe to any of these services, please contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Customer meetings - July 2016

Murray Irrigation held a series of 'company update' customer briefings during the week starting 18 July. The evening meetings included an update from CEO Michael Renehan, details on PIIOP Round 3, fees and prices, headloss and metering, our Snowy Advance project and details on Murray Irrigation's new Customer Operations team.  To access copies of the information presented at the meetings, click on the links below:

Meeting presentation (2.63MB)

Customer Services introduction brochure (7.29MB)

Headloss information (1.32MB)

Current conditions 2015 v 2016