Water exchange forms

WEX/2 - MIL Seller Registration

WEX/3WMI  - Application to list water for sale- Western Murray Irrigation Seller

WEX/4 - MIL Buyer Registration

WEX/5 - Alteration of Sale Price

WEX/6 - Withdrawal

WEX/9 - Application by Non-MIL Buyer for Water Exchange Account


Annual Transfers

Form 6I  - Internal Annual Transfer

Form 6E  - External Annual Transfer


Replaced Forms

WEX/3 - Replaced by WEX/2

WEX/4I - Replaced by WEX/4

WEX/4E - Replaced by WEX/4

Form 6I - Internal Annual Transfer

Form 6E - External Annual Transfer


By lodging an application, you accept the terms and conditions of the  Water Exchange and Transfer Policy.

External transfer forms are provided with WaterNSW Allocation Assignment form attached, and must be submitted to Murray Irrigation with payment for the Murray Irrigation transfer fee and WaterNSW fees paid.

Forms may be submitted by fax to 03 5898 3305; or by email to wex@murrayirrigation.com.au