PIIOP Round 2

PIIOP is a once in a generation asset renewal project which involves upgrading aging infrastructure across our entire footprint to benefit our customers by improving our water delivery service.

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About the project

Extensive planning and consultation with customers was undertaken after the funding agreement between Murray Irrigation and the Australian Government was signed in 2012. In 2013, works began to upgrade network regulators and farm outlets with automated and/or remote-controlled technology. Customers now have improved water efficiency, ordering flexibility and the opportunity for higher on-farm productivity. The PIIOP Round 2 project received $169.2 million in funding from the Australian Government.

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The outlet program involved the upgrade of more than 2,100 farm outlets with modern and efficient Rubicon FlumeGateTM and SlipMeterTM outlets. The FlumeGateTM automatically controls the flow of water by varying the gate position. The SlipMeter TM accurately measures flows even in turbulent conditions, recording the total volume of water passed and the precise amount of water used.


3. Flume Gate


3. Slip Meter 



The regulator program upgraded concrete infrastructure along the channel system with Rubicon regulators or refurbished existing AWMA regulators. The regulator program was completed in September 2017 and comprised more than 1,300 sites.

8. Regulator Map2


System reconfigurations

The reconfigurations program kept customers connected to our channel system but altered their supply point and reduced the length of channels.

Reconfiguration project assessments were based on merit and to date:

  • 88 projects have been completed
  • 2,012ML in water savings has been achieved (exceeding the target of 1,800ML)
  • 144km of footprint has been reduced
  • 199 outlets have been decommissioned
  • 103 regulators have been decommissioned


Sub-system retirements

The sub-system retirement project was the strategic voluntary retirement of landholdings from Murray Irrigation's area of operations by disconnecting them from the system.

Funding is being provided to enable these landholders to convert to dryland farming and to assist with the installation of an alternate stock and domestic water supply.

Under the project, landholders transferred their water entitlements to the Commonwealth and terminated their delivery entitlements and associated shares in Murray Irrigation. In total, 29 of 30 landholdings participated in this project.



Armytage -FARMtalk Editorial Pic

"The PIIOP project is really about higher flows for us. We wanted to be able to command more water when we're irrigating. We were really happy with the whole process, from consultation to installation it was all pretty smooth, there were no issues at all. We are certainly looking forward to the benefits of remote control."

Sam Armytage - Conargo

"Working on Murray Irrigations PIIOP Round 2 project has been great for my company. Work has been very consistent and it has allowed me to employ extra people. We have been running seven to eight crews consistently for the last 4 years and have roughly installed around 2,000 outlets, regulators, and syphons. One of the best things has been having consistent work at our backdoor. In the past, we have worked all over Australia but working locally and being able to live at home has been great."

Peter Danckert - Director of Deniliquin Irrigation Contracting

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