PIIOP Round 3

PIIOP Round 3 is focused on upgrading larger infrastructure within the main canals of our network, completing Murray Irrigation's modernisation journey.


About the project

These upgrades will provide greater control and extend the life of larger infrastructure across the main canals of our network. The works began in 2017. They have improved system control and allowed us to harvest rain water events. PIIOP 3 works will merge with earlier upgrades that increased flow rates and improved ordering flexibility for customers. There is a mixture of major regulators and escapes within the project scope.

202454 Earls Regulator


2017 Berrigan Canal works

During winter 2017 six structures were upgraded along the Berrigan Canal. These works began on May 1 and were fully commissioned by August 8. In that time, 15,000 working hours were put into the project which comprised more than 80 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 900 cubic metres of concrete. Watch a video of Murray Irrigation's 2017 Winter Works here


Upcoming works in 2018 and beyond

Planning for 2018 winter works on the Mulwala Canal are underway with 12 regulators and two escapes identified for upgrade. Works will also be carried out on three regulators in the Wakool system. These works will bring our network closer to a fully modernised system. 2018 scope of works:

2018 PIIOP 3 Scoped Sites Map 20 11 2017

Murray Irrigation's PIIOP Round 3 project has received approval for funding of up to $114.8 million from the Australian Government's Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP) in NSW.