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As part of PIIOP, Murray Irrigation is currently implementing a Reconfigurations Program.

Reconfiguration is where a customer remains connected to our channel system but has an alternate supply point. There are many opportunities to reduce the length of channel or the number of major channel assets by altering how a landholding is connected to our channel system. Each reconfiguration project is assessed based on its merits.

Murray Irrigation is aiming to achieve channel length reduction of around 300km and conveyance water savings of around 4,000ML per year, as part of the Reconfigurations Program.

We have a methodology for assessing the costs and benefits of reconfiguration projects. In cases where there are cost savings to Murray Irrigation, there will be financial incentives available to customers.

For more information on the Reconfigurations Program, contact our friendly PIIOP team on T. 1300 138 265. 


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