As part of PIIOP, Murray Irrigation is upgrading channel regulators and offtakes within its area of operation. The scope of work involves a range of tasks ranging from removal of existing equipment, excavation, installation of Rubicon FlumeGates™ and SlipMeters™, modification to concrete structures and associated works.

A regulator is a structure that controls water within Murray Irrigation's channel system. Regulators are used to control channel flows and also to maintain water levels within a channel pool to ensure water can be supplied at the correct full supply level through an irrigation outlet.

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Levels of service

High Level of Service
The High Level of Service (HLOS) applies where the Murray Irrigation channel and outlets are automatically controlled, with automation achieved by the replacement of some regulator gates with a Rubicon FlumeGate™. In the HLOS areas, irrigation customers are able to change their water orders more frequently, generally allowing around four changes per day if channel flow conditions allow.

Standard Level of Service
The Standard Level of Service (SLOS) applies where irrigation outlets and regulators are controlled remotely. The SLOS is being tested in the Yallakool Pilot area. Existing AWMA mechanised gates in the SLOS area will be modified to allow for remote control. In the SLOS area, customers are able to change their water orders twice in a 24-hour period, if channel flow conditions allow.

4. PIIOP Website Map Base Regulators 26 11 2015

Status of regulator upgrade program - effective November 2015