On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program (OFIEP)

The Commonwealth through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (formerly Department of the Environment), has sought organisations experienced in project management related to farm and irrigation systems to be Delivery Partners for the Commonwealth's On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program. Funding is provided from the Water for the Future Sustainable Rural Water Use and Efficiency Program.

Murray Irrigation's role as a Delivery Partner is to co-ordinate individual farm projects. Such projects entail funding by the Commonwealth for on-farm works for more efficient irrigation, in return for water entitlements being transferred to the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

The Commonwealth's On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Projects have seen an increased investment in on-farm projects and water savings on irrigated landholdings. The water entitlements transferred to the Commonwealth contribute towards the Murray-Darling Basin Plan target for the NSW Murray, at the same time as improved irrigation systems making a positive contribution to our community's ability to cope with less irrigation water in the future.

Murray Irrigation successfully completed the Pilot Program, Round One and Round Two. We are currently implementing Round Four and Round Five of these programs. We applied to be a Delivery Partner in Round Three, however our application was unsuccessful.

Round Two has all on-farm works completed for all 177 sub-projects.

Round Four of the program includes 52 individual sub-projects across Murray Irrigation's area of operations. A Funding Agreement was entered into between Murray Irrigation and the Commonwealth in December 2014. All 52 sub-projects have begun their on farm works, with many having already completed their projects.

Round Five of the program includes 39 individual sub-projects and a Funding Agreement was entered into between Murray Irrigation and the Commonwealth in August 2016. We will be working with landholders to complete works before November 2018. This is the final round of the Commonwealth's On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program.

Should you have any queries, please contact Danielle Walkington, Customer Accounts Officer, via Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265. 

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