Permanent trade

Murray Irrigation maintains this register as a service to customers by providing a contact for potential buyers, and sellers, of water entitlements and delivery entitlements. Murray Irrigation will not be involved in negotiations between parties; only provide the contact.

Sale of water entitlements, delivery entitlements, and shares - either as a single parcel or separately where permitted - involves the creation of a contractual arrangement between the parties with significant rights and responsibilities and stamp duty consequences. Buyers and sellers are requested to contact their solicitors to ensure that they receive proper advice and that the appropriate documents and procedures are adopted.

Notes on trade:

  • Shares and Delivery Entitlements can only be transferred between landholdings.

For further information, contact a Water Trade Officer on T. 1300 138 265.

Offer To Sell

SerialNo WaterEntit DeliveryEntit Total Price
P254 0 77 0
P255 10 49 1500
P256 0 631 50

Offer To Buy

SerialNo WaterEntit DeliveryEntit Total Price
B099 200 0 1500
B100 100 0 1650